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Printing a Trendy Publication with Newsroom on a Commodore 64

In ye olden days, print publications employed devoted technicians to format the sort and every thing else happening every web page, on inflexible plates, that will then go to the presses. It was due to this fact one thing of a regression when early computer systems got here alongside, as they lacked the GUIs (Graphical Consumer Interfaces) essential to format pagesvisually. Phrase processors had been a bit like Notepad right now and could not deal with far more than plain textual content. Within the ’80s, Springboard Software program launched The Newsroom, which was software program developed for print publication format. Out of a way of nostalgia, ClassicHasClass determined to create a contemporary print utilizing The Newsroom.

ClassicHasClass was no stranger to print layouts earlier than tackling this undertaking. They labored on each their highschool and college newspapers within the ’90s, when each computer systems and software program had a bit extra energy to offerthan they did within the ’80s. However their first publicity was with The Newsroom within the ’80s on a Commodore 64 bought by their mother and father. At the moment, they had been utilizing the software program for enjoyable—every thing a pc might do, together with one thing as utilitarian as print format, was thrilling and novel in these early days. So this undertaking let ClassicHasClass revisit their childhood.

By trendy requirements, The Newsroom is each very rudimentary and really tough to make use of. Microsoft Phrase is extra highly effective and has been for many years. However when it hit the market, The Newsroom was fairly subtle. It had a GUI interface that allow editors create print layouts, full with headlines, totally different kind faces, and even photos. ClassicHasClass’s prolonged and entertaining write-up goes into nice element about how the software program works and its numerous quirks.

Producing a print with trendy content material (together with trendy images) wasn’t a straightforward job. For instance, ClassicHasClass wished to incorporate a photograph of Janet Yellen to maintain the publication topical. However getting that picture into The Newsroom was an enormous endeavor. The Commodore 64 did not have {hardware} to make information transmission straightforward and wasn’t designed to show images. ClassicHasClass needed to take the picture, scale it down, convert it to grayscale, carry out dithering, reserve it within the acceptable format, after which switch by way of a serial connection from theirmodern pc to the Commodore 64. Getting the completed format from the Commodore 64 to the fashionable pc got here with related difficulties.

However ultimately, ClassicHasClass was capable of print the “8-Bit Version” of their trendy publication. It might look a bit outdated, however it does a terrific job demonstrating how The Newsroom labored and this write-up exhibits how editors of the ’80s would have performed their work.



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