Beginning a couple of couple months in the past, my iPhone 11 began to make a random sound:

  • I Googled this query, however the solutions are all about discovering the app notification setting the place no banners or badges however a sound is enabled. I attempted however no such setting on my iPhone.

  • The random sound is definitely not a notification sound in any respect. It feels like Do-Mi-So.

  • I’ve went by means of all sound settings in my iPhone, none feels like this random sound Do-Mi-So. I additionally went by means of a variety of sound iPhone may make from YouTube movies, I can not establish the sound.

  • The random sound occurs 3-4 occasions a day. Typically, it doesn’t occur for a number of days.

  • I’ve no app working, the random sound stil happens.

  • With silent mode on, the random sound nonetheless happens.

  • With Do Not Disturbe on, the random sound nonetheless happens.

  • My iOS has been up to date to iOS 16.2, and the random sound continues to be there.

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